Mobile Billboards

We have a billboard truck, Trailer and bicycle billboard packages that will target anywhere you want!



green image marketing billboard trailers

Massive Exposure!

Green Image Marketing billboard trucks get thousands of impressions per day!

Our billboard trucks will get you seen by thousands!

When we say anywhere we mean it last weekend we drove a billboard truck to NC for the weekend and then back to Ohio. Tomorrow we have runs to Lake Erie and the Cleveland area. Then down to Youngstown and Struthers area along with Salem.

As far as signs go we’re still making them and building quality I might add.

So if your ready to BOOST your sales contact us and let us show you how much more sales you can make when you advertise with Green Image Marketing.

Sign repair…

If you have a torn banner or faded ugly sign let us build you a great looking new sign and see how much good clean signage can boost sales.  Also take down your torn banners they are tacky and can cost you sales!