Sing refurbishing

Do you have a old faded sign? Maybe your sign is no longer relevant or you “patched together” repairs or updates rendering it ugly? Fret no more Green Image Marketing can refurb your old sign or build you a new updated sign.


We work with almost any sign / medium type even Monument signs.  Here is a example, The Gulf logo was too small and did not look right. The paint was dirty, faded and worn. This sign had exposed wood, which left untreated would lead to rot, causing the sign to need more then just repair but a costly removal rebuild an install. However Green Image Marketing was able to save the sign, with a good bath, fresh paint and updated gulf logos. We even changed out the “grade” signs from the too large for the sign to just right with the right color contrast.

Monument sign refurbishing service, from Green Image Marketing,


If you need your signs repaired or updated. Maybe you just need new signs Green Image Marketing is the company to call. We offer the best quality and the best prices!