Bicycle Billboard Now RENTING

Rent a Bicycle billboard to promote your business, Bicycle Billboards can Go ANYWHERE a bicycle can go…. Not subject to sign laws and regulations.

The car shows, fairs, carnivals, rush hour traffic, sporting events, shopping centers, parks, etc.




Bicycle billboards RENT for $100. per 4 hour block, (4hr. min.)

Some areas will be subject to a travel fee.

Service aval. in In. Oh. Pa. Mi. Wv. Ky.

We invite media brokers contact us for more information. 330 – 548 – SIGN or toll free 1 (800) 571 – 3169


Message from Chris Wilkes President, Green Image Marketing.

Hello every one there is a saying “A bad apple can ruin the whole bunch” An I am sad to say in the course of 8+ years in business, Green Image Marketing has seen a lot of “bad apples” over the past few months.

Before placing your order I ask you to read our new “PAYMENT POLICY”

The new PAYMENT POLICY is in full effect for all customers!


End of Season for Bicycle Billboards!

As winter is almost here, Our Bicycle Billboard service is coming to a end. The deadline to rent is Nov. 1. Billboards will run weather permitting into December. Our riders have logged over 2,600 hours this season.


If you have not yet used this service you can sign up on our pre-season list.

and be one of the first billboards out in 2016!

There is a $10.00 sign up fee and it is applied to your first run so there really is no reason not to get on the list. Thanks to every one who used Bicycle Billboards this year we’ll see you all next year!


PS Our billboard trucks operate all year ! and we can still make you any signage you may need or want contact us today!

Bicycle Billboards

Since 2008 Green Image Marketing has been providing one of the most unique ways to advertise. It CANT BE SHUT OFF OR THROWN AWAY Bicycle Billboards DEMAND attention and they GET IT!

We can get your billboard seen by thousands per day in just 4 hours. or double that with a 8 hour run.

Bicycle Billboards

Mayor Don Plusquilic Council man Garry Moneypenny and Green Image Marketing Founder Chris Wilkes

Every one from car dealers, website owners, City Mayor’s and other Elected Officials ┬áhave WON their race with the help of our Bicycle Billboard service.

Bicycle Billboards are a seasonal service and run from as early as end of March to as late as November.


Billboards rent fast reserve yours now call toll free!