Message from Chris Wilkes President, Green Image Marketing.

Hello every one there is a saying “A bad apple can ruin the whole bunch” An I am sad to say in the course of 8+ years in business, Green Image Marketing has seen a lot of “bad apples” over the past few months.

Before placing your order I ask you to read our new “PAYMENT POLICY”

The new PAYMENT POLICY is in full effect for all customers!



If you’ve been out around Akron chances are you have seen our trucks in full force. A new advertiser,┬áLaunched their campaign with us just last week. I have just got off the phone with their CEO who called me to thank me and to let me know that in just the first week with two billboards they have passed their goal and report over $2000 in sales from the billboard campaign alone. They are so impressed they have extended their contract by 12 weeks.


This could be you!, What are you waiting for contact us today and get your message out to the public where it cant be shut off or thrown away!