Message from Chris Wilkes President, Green Image Marketing.

Hello every one there is a saying “A bad apple can ruin the whole bunch” An I am sad to say in the course of 8+ years in business, Green Image Marketing has seen a lot of “bad apples” over the past few months.

Before placing your order I ask you to read our new “PAYMENT POLICY”

The new PAYMENT POLICY is in full effect for all customers!


Domains for sale

Green Image Marketing has a few domains that we are selling.

Most have traffic and all are aged

If you are interested in buying one of these names contact us today.

Domains only no website or hosting is included domain only.

First up for sale is

A perfect domain for a News site, Keyword rich and brandable.


New TLD, Aged, short and ez to brand.


Learn how to open floodgates of targeted traffic to your website.

Ok so you built a web site and have it on line but where are the orders?

The problem most overlook is you need traffic or your site is a graveyard of great information. Don’t pay to host a graveyard. Get “Targeted Traffic!”

Traffic heist book cover

This is not as hard as you think once you know how. Just like when you were a kid learning how to do math 10+5=15 but when you did not know that 10+15=35 or 75 or 19 etc. Now remember how excited you was when you learned with out a doubt that 10+5=15?

Having a website is the same way, when your new to it everything is hard but it dont have to be. This book called Traffic Heist will change all that! And you can open the Flood Gates of real targeted traffic to your site. Stop wasting money on driving traffic to your site what good does that do? If the traffic is not targeted they have no interest and dont stay long and if you use PPC the traffic is PAID to come so they really dont care about your site it’s just a stop on the way to their paycheck.

You need a system to drive real people that are targeted to what you have to offer and who will have a real interest in your product, These are the visitors you can convert to paying customers.

So by now if your still reading this you know what I’m talking about and want to know how you can get a copy of Traffic Heist. The answer may surprise you, You see Green Image Marketing is where you buy it and for a book full of solid information like this would be worth as much as $50.

But you won’t pay near that you see this is a E-Book so there is no cost to print, ship etc. so the cost is very low and you will also get Master Resell Rights too. This means you can take advantage of the information and also sell the book your self and make money.

OK OK Where do i get it?

Like I said We sell it and you can buy your copy for download from our Ebay. Traffic Heist

So with that said go to the link above and get your copy today and start driving real targeted traffic to your site in 24 hours or less!