Message from Chris Wilkes President, Green Image Marketing.

Hello every one there is a saying “A bad apple can ruin the whole bunch” An I am sad to say in the course of 8+ years in business, Green Image Marketing has seen a lot of “bad apples” over the past few months.

Before placing your order I ask you to read our new “PAYMENT POLICY”

The new PAYMENT POLICY is in full effect for all customers!


Spring savings are here!

Well it is finally over, Winter that is. Now it is time to get ready for the summer holidays and sales events! Now is the time to get your orders in don’t wait till the last moment!

Bicycle Billboards ON SALE $20.00 Hr. Reg $35.00 Hr. keep in mind the 4 hour min. per day rented!

Billboard Trucks are on sale as well rent a billboard truck as low as $147. per day! Compare to $800+ from the “Other guys” Call for details.

Looking for a road side billboard we have some as low as $150. per month! Call for details.

Auto Toppers – $59.00 on sale this month reg, $99. You must call to order to get this price.

Web sites Starting at $249. This month only!!! includes up to 4 pages!

Business cards – 1000 FULL COLOR 2 Sided! GLOSSY Free design ($45.00 value) On sale $99. May only.

Single side 1 color yard signs w/ stake SALE PRICE $20.00

Call to order!


New customer discounts For every $300. you spend get $25.00 off New customers only, valid May 2016.

Radio advertising

Want to reach millions for pennies? Green Image marketing can make it happen.

We have contracts to sell advertising space both on the radio stations site (banner ads) and ON AIR (commercials)

Christian radio

Country radio

or both, contact us today to get started!

Merry Christmas

Well the end of the year is upon us, Before we move into 2016 we thought we would share some Christmas cheer.

If you made a purchase in 2015 contact us for a free Ebook. Please provide your name and customer ID if you know it or your Invoice #


New round here? Thats ok check this out get a $500 gift cert. for “SERVICES” only, for just $199.95 Thats $300. in free services to use in 2016!

Use for Billboard service, SEO service, Web site design etc.

can not be used to purchase new products such as signs or banners.


BIZ CARDS- 1000 16pt. heavy stock double sided full color includes design only $97.


Sale ends Dec 30th. at close.

Contact us today to get started.


It’s back and this year is no different we will be discounting signs and advertising to the lowest cost of the year starting 9/15 to 10/31 2015.

As I post this all the deals are not in yet but what we have for you is gonna be worth talking about and acting on!


Bicycle Billboards – ON SALE only $CALL (Limited aval.)

Billboard Trucks ON SALE only $255. day! (Limited aval.)

4’x4′ coroplast signs one color one side only $169.

4’x8′ one sided just $399.

Store front window graphics starting at $39.


Auto topper signs one color free design only $79.


Banner ad on a radio station site with 500,000 + verified traffic each month!

Only $37. gets you 3 months! Includes a second banner on a second page!

Want a Radio Commercial? CALL us now for a quote!

We have Video marketing on PR1 – PR5 sites starting at $20.

Press release and article marketing on High PR sites from $10.



All Banners on sale! call for a quote 1 (800) 571-3169 x1


Graphics for a cause

We have came across a Charity who recovers unused test strips and then donates them to other charities and or sells them at deep discounts to those in need. We wanted to help so we created and produced graphics free of charge for them.

11825110_1631007413813470_1404297236538678748_n 11051772_1631007437146801_2927783863341117582_n

IMG_0085 IMG_0088

You can find out more by visiting them by clicking here

Online Catalog

We are working on building a great online catalog to show you our products. This catalog in not done so you should keep checking it out. If you see something you like you can call to order. We accept cash and credit cards via paypal or in person.

We offer Discounts to the Church! Call for details.

Learn how to open floodgates of targeted traffic to your website.

Ok so you built a web site and have it on line but where are the orders?

The problem most overlook is you need traffic or your site is a graveyard of great information. Don’t pay to host a graveyard. Get “Targeted Traffic!”

Traffic heist book cover

This is not as hard as you think once you know how. Just like when you were a kid learning how to do math 10+5=15 but when you did not know that 10+15=35 or 75 or 19 etc. Now remember how excited you was when you learned with out a doubt that 10+5=15?

Having a website is the same way, when your new to it everything is hard but it dont have to be. This book called Traffic Heist will change all that! And you can open the Flood Gates of real targeted traffic to your site. Stop wasting money on driving traffic to your site what good does that do? If the traffic is not targeted they have no interest and dont stay long and if you use PPC the traffic is PAID to come so they really dont care about your site it’s just a stop on the way to their paycheck.

You need a system to drive real people that are targeted to what you have to offer and who will have a real interest in your product, These are the visitors you can convert to paying customers.

So by now if your still reading this you know what I’m talking about and want to know how you can get a copy of Traffic Heist. The answer may surprise you, You see Green Image Marketing is where you buy it and for a book full of solid information like this would be worth as much as $50.

But you won’t pay near that you see this is a E-Book so there is no cost to print, ship etc. so the cost is very low and you will also get Master Resell Rights too. This means you can take advantage of the information and also sell the book your self and make money.

OK OK Where do i get it?

Like I said We sell it and you can buy your copy for download from our Ebay. Traffic Heist

So with that said go to the link above and get your copy today and start driving real targeted traffic to your site in 24 hours or less!

Auto Toppers – Car top signs.

Custom auto topper signs made to order if you would like to buy one or one hundred, Only $99 each If you know anything about these this is a huge deal! As other companies charge $250-$300 on the low end and expect you to buy a min of 3 or more.

Not us you can buy just 1! if that’s all you need or you can buy 100+

Only $99 SALE $79 each.

Strong Magnets lock down sign to roof at speeds upto 55MPH!

Strong Magnets lock down sign to roof at speeds of 55+ MPH!

Mobile Billboards

We have a billboard truck, Trailer and bicycle billboard packages that will target anywhere you want!



green image marketing billboard trailers

Massive Exposure!

Green Image Marketing billboard trucks get thousands of impressions per day!

Our billboard trucks will get you seen by thousands!

When we say anywhere we mean it last weekend we drove a billboard truck to NC for the weekend and then back to Ohio. Tomorrow we have runs to Lake Erie and the Cleveland area. Then down to Youngstown and Struthers area along with Salem.

As far as signs go we’re still making them and building quality I might add.

So if your ready to BOOST your sales contact us and let us show you how much more sales you can make when you advertise with Green Image Marketing.

Sign repair…

If you have a torn banner or faded ugly sign let us build you a great looking new sign and see how much good clean signage can boost sales.  Also take down your torn banners they are tacky and can cost you sales!