Bicycle Billboards

Bicycle Billboards

Mayor Don Plusquilic Council man Garry Moneypenny and Green Image Marketing Founder Chris Wilkes


During the spring, summer and fall we offer our unique bicycle billboard service. Cost effective and rents in 4 hour slots with some restrictions.

Our trained riders can give out samples and or flyers at no extra charge!

Each day is 4 hours You can have 8 or 12 hour runs per day if you need.  On a custom route. Or at a location you choose such as Malls, fairs, walmart and more. The sky is really the only limit.

Aside from the daily rates there is a ONE TIME design and production fee.

Please call us for full details on Bicycle Billboards.

Bicycle Billboards leading Akron Mayor Don Plusquilic in a parade

Bicycle Billboards led Akron Mayor Don Plusquilic to victory in his last campaign.

Above photo from a Parade, Parades are great exposure where else can you get thousands of people to line up and look at your message?

We can hand out flyers, samples, coupons etc.

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We provide service to ALL parties!