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Billboard Trailer Special.

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Billboard Trailers are a great way to get exposure! our trailers offer up to 10×22 feet of full color ad space. We offer packages for any need.

Parked- This is great for business who want to catch more people who pass by and maybe forgot about you or just dont know you are there or what you can offer them. Stick a huge billboard right out front by the road!

Park – N -Move- This is great for any business. What we do is park your billboard in a high traffic area and move it once per day so one day it’s here and the next day it’s in another high traffic location. This also gives the illusion that you have multiple billboards. Allows you to advertise to a wider area on a budget. Campaigns like this run a minimum of 14 days.

Your Message in tow! – This offers maximum coverage, We tow your billboard for as few as 4 hours a day or up to 18 hours. Our billboards light up so even at night your message is still seen! Campaigns range from 3 days to how ever long you need. with weekly invoicing it’s very cost effective.

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Massive Exposure!


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