Why choose Outdoor Billboards?

Why bother considering outdoor advertising? Outdoor advertising has the facts that, like a billboard, you can’t ignore.

Not only is outdoor advertising one of the most cost effective advertising mediums, but it reaches people who are “on the go” and are out and about and spending money. When they are doing this, you want them to keep you in mind. It’s often the last thing people see before pulling off the road to make a purchase.

According to the Outdoor Advertising Association of America, 90% of American households own vehicles, and most middle to upper-class homes today own at least two vehicles. As a result, Americans are spending more time on the road than ever before. What does that translate to? Less time watching TV, less time reading the newspaper or magazines, and more exposure to billboards.

Outdoor advertising isn’t annoying nor can it be ignored. It is constantly working even when you aren’t. Billboards will deliver your message with continuity and frequency, rain or shine, day and night, that is unequaled by other forms of advertising.

Almost every person in the country can be reached by outdoor advertising. Simply put, it’s time to go outdoors!

Study Finds Out of Home Advertising Offers Significant ROI

According to a recent study conducted by Brand Science, each dollar that is spent on outdoor advertising, an average of $2.80 is received in product sales. Although television and print advertising have their disadvantages, they are still one of the most popular forms of advertising media. However, it is proven that outdoor advertising has a higher return on investment. The study also shows that marketing campaigns increase in effectiveness when outdoor advertising is incorporated into the media mix.

Why Does Outdoor Advertising Work?

  • Connect with consumers on the go
    Since our lifestyles today are more and more “on the go”, it is important to reach customers while they are out and about, either to or from work or home or school.
  • Tailor your campaign
    Based on your target audience’s driving or traveling habits or behaviors, you have the ability to tailor your message to reach this particular audience.
  • Evoke Emotions
    As mentioned previously, be bold and big with your message or statement. By doing this, you are able to grab your customer’s attention which ultimately leads to an increase in brand recognition and strength.
  • Cost Effective
    Compared to other advertising mediums, outdoor advertising is one of the most cost efficient options. According to the Cost per Thousand (CPM) analysis, outdoor advertising is one sure way to reach the masses at a great rate and is a reasonable marketing method for businesses of any size. Its average cost of $2-$5 per thousand impressions is the lowest of all mass media. Furthermore, outdoor advertising can even pay for itself with its ability to be tailored to your target market.
  • Dominant Medium
    Since the mobile society is at an all time high, outdoor advertising is even more vital in connecting and communicating with your target audience. The more time customers spend on the go, in their vehicles, or traveling, the more outdoor advertising they are paying attention to. Customers’ commutes to and from work, home, school, shopping, etc. strengthens advertisers’ audience. As a result, ad is subjected to frequency and impact. In addition, outdoor advertising cannot be ignored or turned off, like TV or radio ads.
  • Beneficial
    A recent report has shown that the majority of Americans believe in outdoor advertising.
    85% believe billboards are useful to travelers, particularly to those who are unfamiliar with particular areas. This is because these billboards provide directions, prices, and availability of services such as gas, food, and lodging. 83% claim that billboards are informative and useful. Finally, 82% claim that billboards help create jobs and help businesses attract customers (Source: Outdoor Advertising Association of America).
  • Flexible
    Outdoor advertising also offers an extreme amount of flexibility. Messages can be changed almost instantaneously to update prices or promotions, or appeal to consumers’ different needs throughout the day.

Believe it or not, outdoor advertising is the second most popular advertising medium available today, next to the Internet. It responds to consumers’ “on the go” lifestyles. The presence of outdoor advertising is constantly in the faces of consumers in routes to and from where they work, live, or go to school. In addition, outdoor advertising isn’t cluttered or annoying like newspaper or magazine ads or TV commercials. It’s big, bold, and in your face!

 10 MORE reasons Billboards work!

  • You Can’t Escape It!
    Americans spend more time today than ever in their vehicles. Most Americans spend an average of over 15 hours per week in their cars. That’s a lot of driving time! Outdoor billboards are in the face of the consumer while they are in their vehicles.
  • Cost Effective
    Outdoor advertising is one of the most cost effective forms of advertising on the market. Most billboards and other sign and banner programs cost less than a penny per thousand that see your ad. Other forms of medium cannot compare to this.
  • Endless Design Possibilities
    There are tons of design possibilities, so much that the possibilities are endless! We can provide a number of mock ups or sample designs and your creativity can do the rest!
  • Keeping Up With the Joneses
    Not only does outdoor advertising surpass other forms of print or media advertising, it also has a higher return on investment and consistently increases market share.
  • New Technology
    Outdoor advertising continuously encompasses new technology. With the use of digital billboards, the outdoor advertising industry is even more powerful. By going digital, this appeals to our technologically-driven minds. It also helps advertisers stay on top of current trends and incorporating those into daily messages.
  • Constant Exposure
    Outdoor advertising is available to consumers and working for you around the clock, 24/7.
  • Flexibility
    Not only does outdoor advertising provide flexibility in design and messaging, and how your ad is to be designed, but it also offers a lot of flexibility in location.
  • Impact
    Big and bold is always better.
  • Impulse Buying
    Even today with Amazon and the ability to shop online, most Americans enjoy the going out shopping experience. As a result, a significant amount of shopping occurs on the way home from work, whether it is to the department or grocery stores. It is a fact that consumers spend the day thinking of things to buy as well as making a list and then stopping on the way home to pick them up. Your ad could be the next thing on someone’s list!
  • High Frequency
    Frequency and repetition are key areas that outdoor advertising provides like no other.

* Source: Arbitron National In-Car Study